Young Latinos go crazy for electric bikes

In Zurich, electric scooters are booming - especially among Latinos on Langstrasse. Interest in the silent scooters has also increased throughout Switzerland. They all arrive quietly on their electric scooters. About 30 Latinos are expected at the Bäckeranlage. A video shoot with Dominican rappers is scheduled, in which their electric scooters can also be seen [...].

Five reasons why the future belongs to the e-scooter

Electric scooters are already an integral part of traffic in many places in Switzerland. But there are also many critics of this new way of getting around in the city. Yet e-scooters have numerous advantages, says Vladimir Balzer. The most important: e-scooters are fun. So much fun, in fact, that they have to be banned again in this country. What else can the anti-mobility [...]

The best e-scooter in Switzerland.

Range 60 km, thanks to a battery with a total of 12 Ah / 500 Wh power, expandable for external charging. TWHEELS electric scooter, the new sophisticated e scooter of the 3rd generation. With incomparable design, driving fun in its purest form. The Twheels is produced in small series. The model is a special version specially designed in accordance with the road traffic laws of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. For this model [...]