Range 60 km, thanks to a battery with a total of 12 Ah / 500 Wh power, expandable for external charging.
TWHEELS electric scooter, the new mature e scooter of the 3rd generation.

incomparable design, driving fun in its purest form. The Twheels is produced in small series. The model is a special version specially designed according to the road traffic laws of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. For this model, neither a vehicle nor a driver's license are required. The e Scooter may be driven without a license plate on bicycle paths and public roads. The driver is not required to wear a helmet. The batteries of the E-scooter can be removed and charged externally, e.g. in the home. The Citycoco is powered by a 500 watt hub motor integrated in the rear wheel , corresponding to the max. permissible power for e-scooters without license plates in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The sturdy steel frame and wide tires give this e scooter the special and safe driving experience.  

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