Electric scooters Switzerland - Harley E Scooter
Harley E Scooter with double seat from Switzerland
Harley electric scooter with double bench seat from Switzerland with mirror






Long-life battery (removable)

Charging at the usual household socket

Up to 70 km range Powerful motor

LED headlight ✓ LCD display up to 25km/h fast

For pavement & road Swiss approval

Can be throttled down to 40km/h 

Delivered ready to drive ✓ No unnecessary packaging

Additional optional gadgets for your scooter

✓ Switzerland-wide service 


now from CHF 1990.-     





What our customers say

Here you will find an excerpt from reviews we have received from customers. 

I've been riding the TWHEELS e-scooter for 1/2 year and a good 500km now and I have to say it has never let me down. I love the attention I get with the scooter. I get asked about it every day. I can recommend it without reservation and would buy it again...

Megan S.

I love riding the TWHEELS. TWHEELS e-scooters are unique in their design, which is why I decided to buy them. It is immediately ready to drive and ecological. The best thing for me is that I can drive the scooter without a driving licence and I don't need a number plate. I can charge the battery at home...

Florian W.

I use the scooter to get to the station and then lock it up like a bike. I get praise for the scooter all the time. The scooter is always a topic of conversation with my friends. Two of my friends also got a TWHEELS 3 weeks ago and are just as convinced as I am. Top service and support!

Julian K.