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Wooden fitness equipment for a holistic training experience

Our focus is to inspire people to exercise and live a sustainable lifestyle. With our wooden fitness equipment, we pursue not only outstanding design, but also the optimal training experience. Our sports equipment not only stands out aesthetically, but also integrates seamlessly into its surroundings like pieces of furniture. In this way, they always remain present and are gladly used - for an all-round motivating fitness experience.

Water rower device aka Waterrower: elegance and efficiency

Discover the water rower - a masterpiece of real wood, mostly made of fine oak. Its stylish design fits harmoniously into any living room, taking up hardly more space than a chair. The innovative pedal in the water tank enables a realistic rowing feeling and gives your workout a touch of water sports. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the water rower will provide you with an outstanding workout experience.

Wood WalkingPad: Natural walking feeling redefined

Discover our Wood WalkingPad - the treadmill that gives a natural walking feeling thanks to its wooden surface. This innovative treadmill fits perfectly into any ambience and provides an authentic walking experience. Whether you choose an intense workout or a relaxing walk, the Holz WalkingPad gives you the flexibility you need.

Compact, space saving and stylish

Our wooden fitness equipment is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. They fit into any environment and provide an eye-catcher. Thanks to their compact design, they require little space and are therefore ideal for the living room, office or gym.

Combine training and technology

Make your workouts even more interactive with our fitness apps. Track your progress, set goals, and get motivated with interactive workouts. Connect your workout with technology and experience fitness on a new level.

Long-lasting pleasure through proper care

To ensure the longevity of your wooden fitness equipment, proper care is critical. Wipe off sweat and dirt after each workout to maintain its natural beauty. Follow our care instructions to ensure your equipment performs optimally for years to come.

Natural fitness equipment for your home

Our wooden fitness equipment combines aesthetics, functionality and technology. Experience a holistic training experience that appeals equally to body and mind. Discover the world of fitness with wooden fitness equipment and bring natural elegance into your home.

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