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E-Scooter Blue - TWHEELS

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 Up to 20 km/h fast
Drive up to 60 km
LED Headlight & LCD Display
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E-Scooter Blue - TWHEELS

  • Fast, environmentally friendly and almost noiseless
  •  Driving legallywithout a licence
  • Powerful hub motor, with up to 20 km/h
  • Clear LCD display: Km/h, battery level & distance
  • Battery with handle, for handy transportation
  • Range up to 60 kilometres

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Spare key ✓Battery ✓Charger


Battery 60V 20Ah
Charging time 6 hours
Reach 60 km
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Motor 500 W
Lighting system Front headlight, indicator, rear light
Frame material Steel-aluminium alloy
Maximum load 150 kg
Weight 60 kg (with battery)
Tyre size 9.5″
Tyre pressure 0.5 - 1.0 bar
Dimension 175 x 75 x 70 cm


What are the advantages of choosing an e-scooter?

The operating costs for electric scooters are approx. 0.70Fr./ 100km and are much cheaper than all other means of transport. The maintenance costs of an electric scooter are only about 20% of the maintenance costs of a petrol-powered scooter, as the gearbox and chain are not needed.

Can I charge the electric scooter at any socket?

Yes, the battery of the TWHEELS scooter is removable and can be charged at any household socket.

What driving licence do I need for the electric scooter?

From 16 years, none. At 14 - 16 years, a moped licence (category M). 

How do I admit an e-scooter?

Can be ridden like a conventional bike without a number plate!

20 km/h vs. 25 km/h  

In Switzerland, vehicles that have electric assistance are allowed to travel between 20 - 25 km/h. With pedal assistance, for example on an e-bike, you may drive up to 25 km/h. Without pedal assistance, electric vehicles, for example our TWHEELS scooter, are allowed to travel up to 20 km/h. Anything above the speed of 20 - 25 km/h must be driven with a number plate. 

Is there a helmet requirement?

Wearing a helmet is not legally binding. Nevertheless, we recommend that you wear a helmet for your safety while riding.

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Is tyre pressure important for consumption?

Yes, the more optimal the air pressure, the lower the rolling resistance, the more economical the consumption. We recommend 0.5 - 1.0 bar.

I hear the brakes dragging, is something broken?

No. It is normal with e-scooters that the brakes are slightly audible. With a scooter, you don't hear this because of the engine noise.

Up to what gradient can I use the scooter?

The TWHEELS scooter can be used up to a road gradient of 15%.

Do I need insurance for my e-scooter?

No. In Switzerland, insurance is not mandatory.

You should note the following information on the subject of insurance:

Liability Insurance:

You touch a car during your ride? When choosing your personal liability insurance, make sure that damages that occur during your ride on your e-scooter are covered.

Theft insurance:

Is your e-scooter stolen even though it is locked? This is where household insurance from certain providers can help out. Make sure whether this case is covered by your insurance.


8 reviews for E-Scooter Blue - TWHEELS

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    The electric scooter was delivered very quickly and corresponds perfectly to the description.

  4. Robert (Verified owner) -

    The scooter is really cool. It catches everyone's eye and rides well too.

  5. Nathaniel (Verified owner) -

    I am really happy with my purchase! Ordering was easy, I had no problems with shipping & the device is brilliant - I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good e-scooter at a fair price.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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