Water Rowing Machine Oak

Our brand new & sustainable Wooden Water Rowing Machine

The TWHEELS Water Rowing Machine is made from genuine solid oak, a hardwood known for its strength and beauty. Our Rower is a sustainable addition to your home gym.

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Product information

  • Maximum natural rowing experience inspired by real rowing boats
  • Solid oak wood guarantees stability and durability
  • Bluetooth interface for digital tracking of training data via apps
  • Kinomap app with virtual training tracks around the world
  • Trains the whole body
  • Space-saving installation
  • 2 years warranty
  • Resistance: 7-level resistance adjustable via amount of water in the tank
  • System: Water resistance for a natural rowing feel
  • Display: Free-standing & adjustable LCD display
  • Display: Time, number of rowing strokes per workout, calorie consumption, rowing strokes per minute - distance & time required per 500m
  • Training programmes: Interval training mode with three different functions , target value function for time, distance, rowing strokes and calories 
  • Bluetooth connection for app compatibility (such as Kinomap)
  • TWHEELS is official partner of the Kinomap App 
  • The Kinomap app enables indoor workouts with the feel of outdoor experiences.
  • The app features pursuit tracks, performance analysis, coaching content, multiplayer mode, daily posts and indoor races.

In addition, TWHEELS is excited to have other partnerships with fitness apps like Fitlog and Fitshow, which are always free and offer exclusive workout content and a community of fitness enthusiasts. 🚣

  • Dimensions: approx. 210 x 57 x 53 cm (L x W x H) 
  • Load capacity & height: up to 180 kg and 200 cm
  • Weight: 29.5 kg 
  • Roller rail: 111 cm long
  • Wooden rudder unit
  • Tablet holder
  • Water pump
  • Assembly tool
  • Instructions 
  • No need to replace the water in the tank
  • Refresh the chlorine content of the water every 4-6 months with the help of chlorine tablets (depending on sunlight exposure).
  • Keep drive clean and dust-free (dust on the bobbins is prevented with our bobbin cover).
  • Clean wooden surfaces with a wet cloth

By simulating water resistance, water rowing machines offer an authentic rowing experience that comes very close to rowing on open water. Their quiet operation, coupled with the soothing sound of water, makes them a preferred choice for many users over alternative models. These characteristics also make them ideal for use in the home fitness area.

Water rowing machines offer an effective full-body workout that works almost all the main muscle groups, is easy on the joints and creates a realistic rowing sensation through water resistance. They improve heart health, endurance and help burn calories.

Ergometers and water rowing machines differ primarily in their resistance system and training approach. An ergometer, often with air or magnetic resistance, offers precise training data and settings for targeted training. Water rowing machines, on the other hand, use water resistance, which offers a realistic rowing feel and is appreciated for its natural, soothing sound during training. While ergometers are often used for performance training and rehabilitation, water rowers offer a full-body, low-impact workout that also includes the psychological benefits of the sound of water.

Natural & puristic design

Made from Canadian oak wood

Resistance through water

The heart of this modern rowing machine is the unbreakable water tank. The rowing intensity depends on the amount of water you fill the tank with. You can fill the tank with 8 to 16 litres - the more water you fill it with, the higher your training intensity!

To the product

Twheels rowing machine: high quality and unique from the professional supplier!

Do you want to do something for your health right now? Then buy the Twheels rowing machine from us. We at TWHEELS are there for you when it comes to advice. We also offer you high-quality e-scooters, e-bikes & fitness equipment. Our Twheels rower will convince you and is made of solid real oak. We advise you comprehensively!

Twheels rowing machine: natural and timeless

Take a look at the photos of our rowing machine "Twheels Rower Oak" on the homepage twheels.ch and decide for a water rower made of solid oak. The design is natural and timeless and fits into all interior styles. The oak wood from Canada not only ensures a beautiful look for the Twheels rower, but also longevity and stability.

Twheels rowing machine: high quality workmanship!

The Twheels rowing machine has a high-quality finish and the set-up function also has transport wheels so that you can store it safely and in a space-saving way. It fits perfectly with all pieces of furniture and you can train at home without having to go to the gym. Let yourself be fascinated by the details.

Great LCD display

The LCD display on the Twheels rower shows all the important training data for your personal success: Time, pulse, distance and calories. The Bluetooth function for your personal app (e.g. Kinomap) leads to optimised training monitoring. A streaming function is also integrated, as well as live videos for covering a certain distance.

Up to 200 cm body height

Get to know the Twheels rowing machine ! With its sturdy wooden construction for rowers up to 200 cm tall and a maximum weight of 180 kg. The rowing machine was designed in collaboration with a German sports company and is well-known from the online newspaper 20 Minuten. It comes with a two-year guarantee. Get to know the brand new and sustainable Water Rowing Machine made of wood and let yourself be convinced not only by the visual beauty of this fitness machine. Our Rower is the perfect and sustainable addition to your fitness room at home or simply to your living room. We at TWHEELS take care of your equipment and also offer you e-bikes and e-scooters at reasonable prices and in high quality. Trust our know-how and expertise and order from us today.