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Sport at home and fun at the same time? No problem with Kinomap! It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise at home. But Kinomap changes that: it brings variety and new challenges to your routine through a wealth of different immersive ways to make your workout more engaging. Say "goodbye" to monotonous training and "hello" to an exciting experience.

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App for your smartphone or tablet

  • TWHEELS is an official partner of Kinomaps.
  • With Kinomap, you can experience indoor training that feels like being outdoors.
  • The app offers track tracking, analysis, coaching, multiplayer, daily updates and virtual races.
  • It includes 100,000 videos and 200,000 km of routes for cycling, running and rowing for over 270,000 members.
  • Available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • With every purchase of a Kinomap compatible device from TWHEELS you will receive a 30-day premium account.

Multiplayer mode at Kinomap

Row live against other players: With Kinomap, you can row live against other users at any time and from anywhere. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with other AquaRower users in interactive competitions. The data is transmitted live, ensuring maximum fun and a motivating atmosphere.

Community challenges: Kinomap fosters community spirit with multi-player training available around the clock. You can invite your friends to race on your favorite tracks.

Coaching at Kinomap

Individual training with professionals: Kinomap offers a variety of trainer videos to help you learn the perfect rowing posture and technique. Whether you want to do interval training together with a trainer or are looking for specific tips - the trainer videos cover various options for an optimal learning and training experience.

Targeted training programs: Set yourself personal goals and get support from the Kinomap coaches. The app offers guided training sessions and themed units, such as strength building, spinning or muscle strengthening classes, tailored to all levels and disciplines such as cycling, running or rowing. With Kinomap, you can make significant progress and achieve your fitness goals in just a few weeks.

Download Kinomap now and start your interactive training experience. Available for Android in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the App Store. Discover a new way to train, anytime and anywhere.

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Boost your training with Kinomap and TWHEELS

Transform your workout with Kinomap and seamless integration with TWHEELS devices. Whether you prefer the TWHEELS Water Rowing Machine or the unique TWHEELS WalkingPad, Kinomap enhances your workout experience with interactive courses and realistic track replicas. Customize your workout to your needs and reach your fitness goals faster with the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

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