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Water Rowing Machine alias Waterrower

With its stylish design made of real wood, usually oak, the Water Rowing Machine blends harmoniously into any living room. When set upright, a Waterrower takes up just as much space as a chair. In general, the resistance builds up very realistically and the entire movement simply feels great. An innovative pedal in the water tank continuously adjusts the resistance when rowing and also acoustically gives you the feeling of being on the water in your own four walls. This is particularly noticeable with the professional machines.

Rowing training with water resistance

Endurance training and targeted muscle building - our Water Rowing Machine can do both! Powerful pulling movements with a continuous full-body motion provide a sustainable workout for all major muscle groups in the body. At the same time, blood circulation is promoted and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. This leads to maximum fat burning. In addition to endurance, your balance system is also stressed and you improve your stability.

Rowing is relaxation for the soul! In addition to the physical effect, you also strengthen your ability to concentrate and remember, while reducing your stress level.

Rowing machine with app

With a rowing machine, you can work on your athletic goals at home. To make this more fun and have a complement to the training computer, you can use one of our rowing machine apps. You download these to your smartphone or tablet and connect the app, which can also be connected to your TV.

Kinomap: This app for your rower lets you track interactive workouts. Choose from hundreds of routes around the world or create your own route on the map. Place your smartphone or tablet and see how you row through the chosen route.

Proper care and maintenance of your rower

The right care protects your Water Rowing Machine. Wipe the seat and the training computer with a damp cloth after every workout to remove any sweat residue from the rowing machine. Check your Water Rowing Machine regularly to prevent wear and tear. Place a chlorine tablet in the water tank of your water rowing machine every four months to remove deposits, limescale and residues.

A unique design rowing machine

Water rowing machines became famous because they were regularly seen in the successful US series "House of Cards", as the fitness equipment of Frank Underwood. The rowing machine finds its place in every home and office and is always a topic of conversation.

The secret all-rounder among fitness equipment. Discover our high-quality Water Rowing Machine made of oak wood and start your rowing training at home.

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