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Is a folding bike the same as a folding bike?

The folding bike is the mini bike known from the 80s for short distances. However, often uncomfortable and unstable, it can be found today mainly in discount stores than at the professional bicycle dealer.

The folding bike, especially our electric folding bike, on the other hand, just brags about mature & sophisticated technology. The folding mechanism is just another plus and often almost the only difference to the non-folding trekking bikes, mountain bikes or road bikes. Equipped with the latest drives and ergonomically optimized, the e-folding bikes are now good for much more than just the commute. Even the gears of the electrically assisted folding bike are mostly the same. With the new folding bikes, vacations, trips and daily training can be experienced in a relaxed way. Simply fold it up and take it with you everywhere.

What distinguishes the electric folding bike?

Bicycles that are easy to transport and that also provide electronic support while riding. Or e-bikes that are easy and uncomplicated to take along on trains, buses and cars. No matter how you want to put it, the concept is captivating. Our foldable e-bikes offer numerous advantages that make them the perfect companion for daily mobility & your everyday life.

Mature technology: E-bikes owe their growing popularity not least to the technology that has matured in recent years. Powerful, efficient motors, long-lasting batteries with large capacity and optimally tuned control electronics ensure that e-bikes can reliably cover even longer distances.

Easy to take the bike with you: Thanks to an easy-to-use folding mechanism, our folding bikes can be folded quickly and stored compactly. This is an advantage, as it allows the bike to be taken along in another mode of transport. Folding bikes have become a status symbol for commuters on the train, but they also have their trump cards when you take them on the bus or in your own car.

Top driving characteristics: Thanks to 20 inch wheels, our e-bike folding bike is extremely maneuverable and can be dynamically maneuvered through the urban jungle.

Is an electric folding bike worth it?

Equipped with an electric motor, the folding bike turns into a cool speedster. Because the electric folding bikes reach a speed of up to 25 km/h. The purchase of an e-bike is worthwhile for you especially if you often have to cycle up gradients. If it goes uphill, you can use the support of the motor and arrive fresh and fit at the top. It also makes sense for older people to buy a folding bike with electric assistance to save their own strength. When buying an electric folding bike, you should pay attention to the battery life and weight. If you're looking for a particularly lightweight folding bike that you can quickly tuck under your arm, you've come to the right place!

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