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E-Scooter - modern electric mobility

In many cities, e-scooters are already an integral part of the urban landscape. The small, electrically powered scooters enable comfortable, quiet and emission-free mobility. The models differ in speed and size, some have a seat or even two seats, others do not. In the store of TWHEELS you can buy your own e-scooter online, which can serve as an alternative to the car or bike and bring you in the future in a modern way and to your destination.

E-scooters belong to the modern, small electric vehicles. They should not be confused with electric scooters and other electric vehicles, even though the designations are not always clear. At first glance, an electric scooter resembles a classic scooter. Pedal assistance is no longer necessary for the small electric vehicles. An electric motor provides propulsion and saves you from pedaling.

Electric motor with much power

Modern electric motors are compact, space-saving and light enough for small vehicles such as electric scooters. Nevertheless, the small motors provide the necessary power for decent propulsion. On your first ride, you may even be surprised by the instant acceleration that the electric motor delivers. Within a short time, the e-scooters reach the legally prescribed maximum speed of 20 km/h to 25 km/h and even inclines are usually no problem for them.

Replaceable battery for range

An electric motor needs electricity. The energy required for the e-scooter comes from a rechargeable battery, which is either permanently installed or replaceable, depending on the model. If you want to buy an e-scooter, the range is a very important feature. Entry-level models often offer you a range of 20 km or 25 km on one battery charge. The battery can be charged at any conventional socket. The battery is all lower e-scooters replaceable. If you have a second battery, you can replace it. In this way you can maximize and ensure your range.

Collapsible models save space

An enormously practical feature of many e-scooters is their foldable design. Many models can be folded in just a few steps and without tools, allowing you to store the e-scooter in a much more space-saving way. A foldable model is especially worthwhile for commuters who take their e-scooter with them on the bus or train.

What are the rules for e-scooters with road approval?

1. 20 km/h (tolerance: 25 km/h) maximum design speed

2. Maxinal 500 watt power of the motor

3. front and rear lighting

4. disc brake on both wheels

5. equipment with bell

In Switzerland, driving an e-scooter, which is legally equivalent to a light motorcycle with a maximum speed of 20 km/h up to 25 km/h, is permitted from the age of 14. From the age of 16, e-scooters may be driven without a driving license. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended for safety reasons.

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