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E-bike - The modern choice for all bike lovers

Modern e-bikes not only offer comfort, but also impress with reliability and innovative design. The days when bulky motors detracted from a bike's appearance are long gone. Thanks to slim design and increased power, there are now e-bikes for all types and sizes of bikes. Different power levels and functions meet all requirements, so you too can find the right electric bike to suit your needs.

E-bikes and pedelecs - what's the difference?

Most commercially available bicycles colloquially referred to as e-bikes actually fall into the category of pedelecs. The term "e-bike" generally refers to a bicycle with an electric motor. Therefore, there is a clear distinction between pedelecs and e-bikes.

What is a pedelec?

Pedelec stands for "Pedal Electric Cycle" and the name itself clarifies the crucial difference between the two types. With a pedelec, the use of the pedals is always required. This means the rider cannot simply sit back and control the bike using the handlebars alone. Pedelecs support pedaling, but do not relieve it completely.

No driver's license and no insurance obligation

The power of the electric motor on pedelecs is usually about 250 watts. Most models offer different settings to individually adjust the optimal support. Here, the setting is usually based on the cadence or the power of the rider transferred to the pedals. Pedelecs do not require a driver's license or insurance, and although helmets are not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to wear one for safety reasons.

What is an e-bike in the strict sense?

The main difference between an e-bike in the strict sense and a pedelec is that an e-bike can accelerate without you having to pedal. With a handle you activate the powerful electric motor, which takes over the locomotion of the bike. With this type of bike, motor powers of up to 500 watts are allowed.

Since the motor drives the bicycle independently, this type of bicycle is classified as a moped. Therefore, a moped driver's license and an insurance license plate are required to ride the bike in road traffic. However, there is no legal helmet obligation here either.

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