Electric scooter Technical data

Electric scooters from Twheels
Electric scooter technical data - Charger
Harley electric scooter without mirror from Twheels


Empty weight: 60 kg (1 battery)
Payload: 155 kg
Side stand
Dimensions: 176x75x70cm (L*W*H)


Connection voltage charger: AC 220-230V 50Hz
Full charge: 6A Charging current: 4-5 h charge


Hub motor in rear wheel
500 watt power 25 km/h speed
18 degree incline
Rated motor voltage: 60V


60V Rated voltage
67.2V Charging voltage


LED front light
LED indicator
LED rear light


Tyre size 9.5″
Tyre pressure 2.3 - 2.5 bar
Hydraulic disc brake system
Brakes on front and rear axle


  • LCD display with speed indication, kilometres travelled and battery status

  • 6 powerful LEDs installed in the headlamp 

  • 1x small bell + 1x large horn bell

  • Indicator right/left + brake light

  • 2x disc brakes front & rear


Harley electric scooter technical data - 6 powerful LEDs in the headlight on the steering wheel
Digital LCD Speedometer Display of the Harley E-Scooter
Battery compartment of the Twheels electric scooter
Electric scooter technical data - 12 AH or 20 AH batteries
Removable battery of the Harley electric scooter by Twheels