E-Scooter City Trottinett

Lightweight & Portable

Quick folding design with only 14 kg makes your scooter comfortable to carry and store.

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E-Scooter Technical Data

  • Range: cover 20 km
  • Speed: max. 20 km/h fast
  • Empty weight: 14 kg (with battery)
  • Load capacity: max. 100 kg
  • Dimension: 110*40*120 cm
  • Battery size: 36V 6.4Ah
  • Full charge: approx. 3 hours
  • Hub motor
  • with 350 watt power
  • Front headlamp
  • Brake light
  • Tire size: 8.5″
  • TWHEELS E-Bike City Folding Bike
  • With battery
  • Charger
  • Instruction & work train

Yes, public transport providers generally allow foldable e-scooters to be carried as hand luggage free of charge.

No. Insurance is not compulsory in Switzerland.

Theft insurance: Is your e-scooter stolen despite having a lock on it? Household contents insurance from certain providers can help out here. Also check whether this case is covered by your insurance.

Wearing a helmet is not legally binding. Nevertheless, we recommend that you wear a helmet for your safety while riding.

Replaceable battery

Do not limit the range of your E-Scooter. Batteries can be replaced and recharged in seconds for maximum mobility and convenience.


  • LCD display with speed, mileage and battery status

  • LED headlight

  • Brake light

  • Folding stand

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LED front lightT-axis with removable batteryPowerful hub motorDisc brake Folding mechanism LED taillight

Buy E Scooter - conveniently at TWHEELS

The new trend in road traffic is the E Scooter: nimble, quiet and environmentally friendly. What more do you want? A reputable dealer and a great service, of course. You get that here with us! Products with top quality, two years warranty for warranty right and 14 days satisfaction guarantee.

Why you absolutely have to buy an e-scooter!

The E Scooter is the locomotion of tomorrow. Buy an E Scooter and make use of the latest technical innovation! The purchase of an E Scooter brings many advantages. The most important is probably the fun and adrenaline while driving. Race through the streets with your E Scooter and feel the fresh air on your skin. You don't even have to worry about parking, because the E Scooter has a folding mechanism. This makes the E Scooter effortless to store and easy to transport due to its light weight. You do not need to spend large sums on fuel from the gas station. You charge your E Scooter with electricity, which is much cheaper than fuels like oil. So by buying an e-scooter, you're also doing your bank account a favor.

However, the E Scooter is not only beneficial for you, but also for the environment. Since the E Scooter is electrically powered, it emits no exhaust gases or toxins and our air remains clean and fresh. The drive of the E Scooter is also quieter than that of a gasoline-powered scooter, so you contribute to the reduction of the noise level, so to speak.

Legal regulations you should pay attention to when buying an e-scooter

You have so many reasons to buy an e-scooter, but are you allowed to ride it? In Switzerland, there are certain regulations that we have to follow. There are two categories: E Scooter with road approval and E Scooter without road approval. The difference is that you are only allowed to use E Scooters with road approval in traffic. The ones without approval can only be driven on private property. We offer you only scooters, electric scooters and e-bikes with road approval! You must be at least 16 years old or have a moped test certificate to drive an e-scooter in public traffic.

Practical, environmentally friendly, odorless, quiet, cheap, smart - so many reasons to buy an e-scooter! You still have questions? Don't hesitate and call us or just come by! We will be happy to advise you.